Swim Until You Can't See Land

The story of the world and four fucking idiots :]

hey dude

you gotta learn to log out of tumblr after using it in a hostel public computer

sayonara japan

So i’m here in Osaka airport, another amazing catacomb of a building. At the end of the first week of our travels around the world, and what a week! Can’t speak highly enough of Japan and it’s people. Every person we’ve come across have been amazing, from Hajji (Miller’s new wife) in Tokyo to the Bus Station Guy in Kyoto to everyone inbetween absolute darlings!

Japan as a country is strange, beautiful, enchanting, mesmerising, mysterious, eccentric and traditional in equal amount. From the neoness of Tokyo to the beautiful countryside and snow topped mountains, all within 60 miles, the bullet train was by far the best way to experience. Then we have Kyoto with it’s temple on every corner, busy food market, unbelieve female population ;) Even the station in Kyoto is breathtaking, going up at least 10 stories!

As I write this, nostalgic about Toms gay days, TB Banter, Andys excitement at everything from Nissans to Streetlights, I’m a little sad to be leaving, as it is a wonderful country but I could not be more excited about whats lies ahead in 7 hours time.

Japan has ended, but the world tour has just very much begun.


Andrew Snaith—“il let you spunk on my tits for 750…?”

Boobs, Chicken and Beer

Hooters definately one of Wilkos better ideas. After a 6km walk through the Imperial Palace (Cultured LADS) we made it to Hooters where the Japanese godesses absolutely loved us!


Shibuya was a joooke, like London, LA and New York on Crack!


One more night in Tokyo then here…


Hope people at home are safe and well.

Peace and Love



After 15 hours trapped in a tin can with `alf pint `arry and 500 accumulated farts, we have finally arrived in Tokyo. This place definately is the shit! We started in Ginza, 8quid a corona, bad chioice!

Strolling around the bright lights, we decided we needed a beer (first japan beer, had to be done!) we stroll into a sweet little as the only lads…later we decided that it was definately a lesbian bar. As far as chosing a bar goes, we were wayyy of the `lets pull birds` mark.

So today we are hitting SHIBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOI (UYA) for Hooters, even more lights, busy streets and the 7th best night club in the world.

Never meet so many friendly people in my life, even got invited back to a business man`s house, for a `drink` although I do think he was a rapist. Woke up today with a sore head, would have been worse if Tokyo Business Man of the Year 1996 had his way.

So now were getting ready for landing in Shibuya :]

oh and its fucking snowing!!

peace and love

Luke miller: how the fuck have I got a stitch I’m lying down!

holy shit its here.


In 12 hours time I’ll be 6 hours from Tokyo and a world of weird shit!

So excited, this is going to be siiiiick. So many unreal places, so much unreal banter to be had! 

I have the Jackie Chan jokes at the ready and Andy’s bail money already counted…although a part of me thinks he’ll enjoy the Bangkok Hilton. Tom’s reading up on Düsseldorf as we speak, and Miller will be practising his best Danny Dyer impression in the mirror (Quim).

Japan is a bit of a whistle stop but will no doubt open our eyes, I’m expecting it to be like the intro to blade runner! except less dark and ‘orrible and more like Banzai! 

Tokyo looks sick, Kyoto looks sick, Mt Fuji looks sick! 

Peace and Love.